Curse of the Crimson Throne

Prelude to study

Becoming a better man and better team part 1

I’ve been on the streets for a while before I met this guys. They helped me get revenge on the one that hurt me most and for that I am greatful. Though I still feel the burning inside.

There is something else I have to do. I’m not sure what that is. Am I supposed to become a better mage or now that Geadren Lamm is dead am I just supposed to turn my life around and become an entertainer, something the locals seem to enjoy?

As I find that we will have some time before our next adventure I must take some time to think of the choices I’ve made and what I want in life. I have much to learn, though I also can’t deny that my allies are in need of my services if they are to survive on this path they have chosen.

I see great potential in Hecate though given her past and the nature of her magic she is unlikely to gain entry into the Acadamae and will need my guidance to learn new spells.

As for the others their gear is too mundane to handle the dangers ahead, especially if the Hell knights are involved.

I must divid this time equally amoungst myself and my friends. I shall spend time learning the secrets to harnessing the fire that is inside me and pass on what I can to Hecate. For the others if they are willing I shall craft them some wonderous items.



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